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Data Storage, Management and Backup Solution

File server

Simplify user and IT workflows with seamless native solutions for cross-site synchronization, multi-platform access, and centralized server management.

From tabletop to data center

Empower your business with Synology’s customizable desktop and rack systems, offering up to 4.8PB of raw capacity, with options ranging from 1 to 300 bays.

Hybrid cloud architecture

Optimize storage efficiency with Hybrid Share folders, combining cloud and local NAS storage for faster access to frequently accessed files and reduced on-site storage.

From tabletop to data center

Maximize uptime and data availability

Redundancy solutions

Active-active systems with dual-controller architecture ensure seamless operations in case of equipment failure with instant failover. Alternatively, high-availability clusters can be created by pairing servers to maximize service uptime.

Maximize uptime and data availability

Fast data recovery

Achieve near-instantaneous data protection with snapshots. Point-in-time copies of your data can be replicated off-site. In the event of unforeseen disruptions, services can be quickly restored, ensuring data integrity and minimizing downtime.

Data Protection

Your data protection plan is only as strong as the weakest link in the backup chain. Increasingly complex home deployments and business IT infrastructure make protecting every endpoint of paramount importance.

Protect your digital assets

Back up PCs, physical servers, virtual machines, and SaaS applications in home or business deployments.

Protect your digital assets

Centralized management

Deploy, manage, and monitor all your backup tasks from a single console to simplify your data protection plan and cut down on maintenance.


Efficient backup

Rely on incremental backup and data deduplication to minimize backup time and storage consumption.


Flexible restoration

Choose between multiple restoration methods, including bare-metal, file-level, and instant restoration to virtual machine.