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IP Telephony (VOIP) Solutions

Business Telephone System

We design, install and provide 8/5 support after sales services for Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) solutions which can deliver significant cost savings for enterprises. IP telephony solutions are cheaper to maintain and operate in the long run than traditional implementations relying on analogue or switched digital phone service. There will be significant cost savings over the long term when using IP telephony solutions.

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Call Center Solution

Make it simple for your call center agents and supervisors to deliver greater customer experience. With the all-in-one solution, you can cut down call resolution time, decrease employee workload, and transform customer experiences through intelligent call routing, unified agent tools, and insights & analytics.

Call Center

IP Audio Solution

To create a comfortable and pleasant environment for the customers and visitors, background music would always be the best choice for the shopping centers, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and other commercial premises.

In campuses, public libraries, museums and other public places, tones and notifications are broadcasted to the public audience regularly every day at specific time points. Like the school bells, library and museum entrance notices and regulations.